i-tal is vital


There's always a better way to do.

We advocate for well-made products, designed to last longer and stay balanced with environment.

We do not like fast-fashion and we are here to make a difference.


We are still on time to be one with nature!


Founded in June 2016 at Oceanside, California. I-tal Collective is action to support environment. We believe time has come to change consumption habits and production ways.

We know that fashion industry is a big pollution beast! We are lucky to have great solutions on hand. We all have to change what and how we consume. This is part of our mission.

Our ancestors already showed us the good path. This is HEMP, a magic plant with unlimited potential. We have learned on the benefits of this plant and adopt it into our products.

Hemp plant offers a natural fiber very easy to grow organic with no use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It delivers quality products and provides the strongest natural fiber in the market. We bring hemp great attributes to high quality products made to last.

From 100% hemp to great blends with organic/recycled fibers.

Sustainability is a big thing for us. Should never stop searching on how to reduce our impact on earth. We advocate for nature and environment in every aspect of our work constantly looking for the right way to manufacture.